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Frequently Asked Questions

Pasture                                75-100 kg/ha

Cropping                              200-250 kg/ha

Lawn                                     Evenly spread 3-5 kg per 100 sq metres in early spring

                                               For smaller lawns use 1 cup per 5 square metre 

Garden/Vegetables           1 cup (5-10gms) per square metre 

                                               Apply to top of ground or under mulch

Fruit Trees                           Small trees – 2 cups (0.25kg) per tree

                                              Mature trees – 4 cups (0.5kg) per tree

                                              Do not apply directly on tree trunk


10 L/ha in 2 applications autumn and spring or spray at 100/1 monthly 


5 L/ha 100/1 every 3 weeks after early leaf stage


Apply at 100/1 every 2-3 weeks


Apply early morning or late afternoon. Best results after rain