Kelp will Help

Storm cast Bull kelp (Durvillea Potatorum) is collected fresh on Tasmania’s unpolluted west coast. 

Dried Processed and sold by Marrawah Kelp Pty Ltd a locally owned company. The company sells dehydrated granulated Kelp (size 4-6mm) for use on soils and Kelp Blend (size 2-4mm) – as a natural feed additive.


The company were given the rights and leases required to operate legally and sustainable, to collect and process Bull Kelp (Druvillea Potatorum) by the State Government of Tasmania for the areas from Bluff Hill Point Marrawah to Dartys Corner Temma on the West Coast of Tasmania. The company’s factory and drying racks are established at 451 Arthur River Road Marrawah Tasmania. 

The personnel in the formative years of the company Tony Jackson, Colin Lynn and Darrell Roberts are all still involved with the company today, joined by Tony’s sons Saxon and Justin Jackson.

Marrawah Kelp is a private company that holds five Marine Plant licenses out of eight only that is legislated for this area. All Kelp is legally and sustainably collected after having completed and complied with all requirements (Environment Impact Studies and Reserve Activity Assessments from Parks and Wildlife, Fisheries Department and Cultural Heritage studies.

The Company has evolved a lot of time and hard work from starting operations in an old gravel pit, to the dynamic factory that it is today using modern technology to produce arguably the cleanest Kelp in the world.  Our Certified Organic products are sold locally and globally we also supply some of the biggest leading seaweed company’s in the world.

High Seas Liquid Kelp Extract

Bull kelp (Durvillea Potatorum) has been used as a rich source of organic plant nutrients for centuries. Bull kelp contains numerous minerals and every essential trace element, simple and complex carbohydrates and a number of plant growth hormones.

High Seas Liquid Kelp Extract is made from bull kelp collected from the West Coast of Tasmania. The kelp grows in some of the cleanest seawater in the world. The kelp is processed to release the nutrients and provide a solution that is suitable, when diluted, for foliar spraying, fertigation or direct soil application. This process is designed to maximise the amount of nutrients and plant growth regulators and the break down process is carefully controlled. The process does not involve long periods of fermentation or high pressures, both of which have the potential to break down valuable plant growth regulators (plant hormones)

Bull kelp does not have the rigid plant structure of land plants. This is because the cellulose of land plants is replaced by alginates. Alginates are broken down much more easily than cellulose. When Bull kelp decomposes the alginate is broken down. In the High Seas Liquid Extract the extraction process replaces the slower decomposition process. This makes the nutrients in the kelp available without the time lag of the natural decomposition process.

Extensive research, both in Australia and overseas has shown that kelp can enhance root development and uptake of nutrients locked up in the soil, enhance germination, imparts a degree of drought and frost resistance and general improve plant health. Research all around the world has shown that such effects can be obtained from Australian Bull Kelp Extracts.

 All the kelp used in High Seas Liquid Kelp Extract is Durvillea Potatorum (commonly referred to as Bull Kelp) 

Available in: 5L, 20L, 100L, 200L, 1000L

Kelp Blend – Animal Supplement

Certified Organic   100% natural product  

Blend-2mm to 4mm

Blend is dehydrated Bull Kelp.   Blend is an effective way to provide animals with a naturally balanced feed supplement supplying the necessary elements for healthy stock. Kelp Blend contains minerals, vitamins including Carotene, Tocopherol and folic acid, valuable carbohydrates including Alginic acid, Laminarin and Mannitol, as well as a full range of amino acids.

The benefits of Kelp Blend as feed supplement helps increase the utilisation of all the ingredients in the complete feed ration, improving the overall health and performance of animals.

Available in: 4kg Buckets, 25kg Bags, 1 Tonne Bags

Kelp Granules

Certified Organic     100% Natural Product                  

Seaweed does not require the rigid plant structure characteristic of land plant, their organic composition is quite different. Instead of cellulose as the main organic constituent, seaweeds are mainly composed of alginic and simple sugars such as mannitol. These compounds break down much more readily than cellulose. Kelp is an excellent source of organic matter due to its rate of decomposition.

Soil organic matter and associated soil algae, bacteria and fungi play an important role in soil fertility and plant nutrient uptake. The application of kelp acts as a soil conditioner by stimulating microbial activity. The carbohydrates and acids released during decomposition of the kelp results in the aggregation of soil particles and the chelating of nutrients which might otherwise be leached form the soil. This increased soil fertility benefits soil organisms, which in turn act as soil conditioners and a renewable source of nitrogen. Good soil structure improves aeration, available moisture and makes the soil more workable. The repeated use of kelp helps maintain soil fertility and structure that would otherwise be depleted through the utilisation of nutrients and plants.

Available in: 4kg Buckets, 25kg Bags, 1 Tonne Bags